Hamas, Fearful, Cracks Down On Opposing Voices

February 14, 2009



“People are afraid to live normal lives, to express their opinions freely,” Alami said. “There is no freedom of speech, of movement, of travelling or having real healthcare. Hamas is raising George Bush’s policy: those not with us are against us.”

“Politicians and the media think that there is a simple division between Gaza and the West Bank, between Hamas and Fatah … The majority of the Palestinian people today are with none of them.”


One Response to “Hamas, Fearful, Cracks Down On Opposing Voices”

  1. I didn’t like bush. but at least I wasn’t shot, knee capped, or had to watch my family get thrown off the roof for not liking him and voicing my opinions about my not liking him…. anyone in Gaza who says out loud “HAAS SUCKS” gets killed real quick..that is if they are luicky. as many suffer hours before they get thier peace.

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