Gaza, Diamonds and WWII…

February 19, 2009


I started reading Robert Fisk’s article here, which expertly distinguished between the labels of ‘genocide,’ ‘holocaust’ and ‘massacre.’ Rooting his determinations in the vocabulary of international law, Fisk is preventing more bad blood on all sides. His claim, that we are all guilty historically, ethnically or confessionally at some point in time is sobering. 

“What this is really about is international law. It’s about accountability. It’s about justice – something the Palestinians have never received – and it’s about bringing criminals to trial. Arab war criminals, Israeli war criminals – the whole lot. And don’t say it cannot be done. Wasn’t that the message behind the Yugoslav tribunal? Didn’t some of the murderers get their just deserts? Just leave the Second World War out of it.”

Then, I linked to this video, about a US boycott of Israeli diamonds organized by Adalah-NY. (thanks PINKtank!) 



The reporter goes to interview the Israeli Consul General who immediately says, “well, this is what the Nazis did, hang up signs saying don’t buy from this shop, they are Jews.” The reporter says, “so this is the card that gets pulled now, when all else fails?” Right on. I am so glad that someone called the propaganda machine of the Israeli government out for making these horrendous comparisons. I mean, how can one conflate the systematic exclusion of Jews from political, economic and social life in Germany with the demonstrations by peace and justice activists in New York City against Israeli apartheid.? But, oh yes, the impulse to deny and the constant need to be the victim in the international eye is stronger than the forces of history… 

Also, if you have some extra cash lying around, help LinkTV make a documentary on Robert Fisk! 


I love Robert Fisk’s face as he says, “if you had seen what I have seen on the battlefields, you would no longer talk about war or just war.” 

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