Revolution 2011

January 27, 2011

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last few days, let’s recap the momentous and thrilling happenings taking place around the world:

1. The complete overthrow of Ben Ali’s regime by the Tunisian people

2. Massive protests in Egypt demanding Mubarak’s resignation

3. Al-Jazeera’s leak of incriminating documents against the PA during the Israel/Palestine peace process

4. Palestinian students staging a sit-in at the PLO offices in London

5. Protests of tens of thousands in Yemen calling for the ousting of president Saleh

Facebook. WikiLeaks. The Palestine Papers. Twitter (follow me @safaliy0!)

We are deluged with digital information. Nevertheless, I still sit sometimes and write my journals by hand. In returning to something old-fashioned; writing, I also wanted to point to the timelessness of sitting, discussing politics over coffee, organizing face to face. Students, dockworkers, academics, lawyers, cab drivers. This revolution is for everyone. A people’s revolution is the only thing that can stop unchecked corporate greed and the militarized corrupt governments which suport them. It is the only thing which has ever worked and the only thing which ever will.

“That fear barrier seems to have been broken,” Shenker says. “These are sort of middle-class people who are generally enjoying quite a comfortable standard of living… They’ve got a lot to lose, and yet they’re still being motivated to come out, to be beaten, to be hit by water cannons, to be carried off into the desert,” he says. “There’s so much energy and so much momentum behind what’s going on … I think we’ll still see a lot of people on the streets tomorrow.”

So, viva Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, the United Kingdom and all other countries living under the yoke of oppression. It is your destiny to be free. Like birds, we all wither until we are free.

In solidarity,


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