War Crimes

June 18, 2009

By now, it is common knowledge that Israel committed war crimes in its 22-day offensive against Gaza in January.

“His conditions for peace are unrealistic.” 

“Contrary to some naive and optimistic hopes, Netanyahu does not represent only an extremist fringe in Israel. Today, the Israeli Jewish public presents (with a handful of exceptions) a united front in favor of a racist, violent ultra-nationalism fueled by religious fanaticism. Palestinians are viewed at best as inferiors to be tolerated until circumstances arise in which they can be expelled, or caged and starved like the 1.5 million inmates of the Gaza prison… The goal remains the same: to control maximum land with minimum Palestinians.” 

Day by day, Obama proves himself to be a shrewd commander of the world’s largest army. “This is where charisma disappears into the charnel house of history. Watch out.” “Truly, Rudyard Kipling would have been able to do something with this.”