I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard of Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi (who still remains in prison as of 2/3/09 btw) who shot to fame when he hurled a pair of shoes at wildly unpopular and blithely obdurate American president George W. Bush at a press conference on Sunday. 
Well, he is spawning copycats, for good reason. Yesterday, union activist and member of the Bail Out The People Campaign, Steve Millies was imprisoned for removing his shoes and “intending to incite a public disturbance” at the MTA board meeting in New York. He said the shoe reference was planned with Mr. Zaidi in mind. 
So, I got to thinking, who would I most like to hurl a shoe at and why? They would have to do something pretty bad, after all, a shoe at high velocity could hurt a lot. Especially, a size 10 Oxford…
I had trouble coming up with my top five… I was going to say Dick Cheney but then I realized that any attack on him would have to come from extra-human sources. He may even be dead by now, for all we know like Vladimir Lenin. Then, I don’t want to be too mean, but there is a line between a shoe and a bullet, a very important line. 
1) George W. Bush (shocker… but honestly, who else?)
2) Ann Coulter
3) Sean Hannity
4) David Horowitz
5) White supremacist guy who randomly shot black looters during Katrina. read the Nation article.

Who would you like to throw a shoe at? Have you ever thrown a shoe at someone? Discuss.