Extremely Disturbing

March 22, 2009


Words cannot even describe how sick this is. What is going on? What bizarre rip in the fabric of the moral universe occurs over Tel Aviv when the Palestinians are involved? 

Another soldier, describing how a mother and her children were shot dead by a sniper after they turned the wrong way out of a house, says the “atmosphere” among troops was that the lives of Palestinians were “very, very less important than the lives of our soldiers”.


The New York Times tried to have a balanced debate on this issue. Unfortunately, the four panelists they picked were all Israeli apologists. The commentators set them straight, however. Check it out here:


 “I don’t know whether she was suspicious, not suspicious, I don’t know her story… I do know that my officer sent people to the roof in order to take her out… It was cold-blooded murder.”


It reminded me of a passage from Talal Asad’s excellent book On Suicide Bombing. He accuses the mainstream media and “scholarly” discourse of at worst, an attempt to reduce the complex history of resistance struggles and civil wars to the trope of the morally bankrupt savage against the liberal, humane West. “Liberalism too has it’s own culture of death.” (50) He single-handedly dismantles the “civilized vs. uncivilized” argument used by America and Israel to justify their massacres of innocent civilians in Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq. Unfortunately, regarding the material above: “Guilt is no bar to the repetition of transgression.” (53) How many times have the same arguments been twisted, played out in a bizarre dance of memory/amnesia? 

On a personal note: “I felt more grown up earlier in life, more self determining, more autonomous, and it was because I had not yet been beaten down.”


Emily Jacir interview

February 18, 2009