“People are afraid to live normal lives, to express their opinions freely,” Alami said. “There is no freedom of speech, of movement, of travelling or having real healthcare. Hamas is raising George Bush’s policy: those not with us are against us.”

“Politicians and the media think that there is a simple division between Gaza and the West Bank, between Hamas and Fatah … The majority of the Palestinian people today are with none of them.”


Rami Khouri’s editiorial in the METimes today: 

This is a core dilemma for Israel as a whole: The more they rely on military force to kill and control Palestinians and other Arabs, the greater resistance they elicit from the Arabs, and the less secure all Israelis feel. Israelis broadly remain blind to the need to find true peace and security by coming to terms with Palestinian nationalism, and addressing their share of the blame for the dismemberment of Palestinian society and the birth of the refugee problem in 1947-48.



The CBS 60 Minutes special on Exposing Israeli Apartheid is available here:

The most striking image in this video, according to my neighbor, is the settler women clutching a fistful of dirt and declaring, “this is God’s land, we will fight until the day we die to live here and to build here.” She said she would fight even if the government of Israel came to evict her. Settlements are the leading thorn in the side of the current peace process. It seems like Israel has no choice because dismantling them would lead to a violent civil war. What to do?